Autumn with the Garden House Hotel

Autumn with the Garden House Hotel

Experience an autumn getaway with the Hotel Rural Garden House. There are many activities and traditions during the fall in León that you may be interested in doing and visiting. You can spend a few days at the hotel and from here you can move around the geography of the province of León. In our hotel we recommend you, we offer you everything you need to perform the activity that interests you the most.

What do we offer in the province of León that you can participate in or visit from our hotel?

San Froilán in León:

When: October 5 in La Virgen del Camino and the weekend before in León city.

Autumn begins in León with San Froilán. Morcilla (blood sausage), chorizo and perdones (roasted hazelnuts, popularly known as perdones). San Froilán in León is tradition, it is history with the banners and the decorated carriages. Especially recommended to see for its uniqueness.

You can stay at our hotel to move with tranquility to see this event, we will inform you of everything related to San Froilán and what not to pursue.

Magosto in León:

When: late October and early November.

Magosto is the name given to the bonfire prepared to roast chestnuts around which friends or neighbors gather to share them and drink new wine, cider and freshly distilled orujo after the harvest. It is a perfect excuse for a walk among chestnut trees and ending at a bonfire to chat and discuss the anecdotes of the summer.

Very close to our hotel, about 10 km away, there is a wonderful place for hiking among chestnut trees. It is the area around (of course) some Roman gold mines: Las Miédulas de Villaviciosa. In this environment there are centenary chestnut trees, a legacy of the Romans who exploited the gold mines now called Las Miédulas (or Las Medulillas), unknown to many, but very beautiful at this time of the year.

We offer you in our hotel all the information and a place to perform the magosto safely.

Routes along the banks of the rivers of León:

When: end of October and throughout November.

In autumn the riverbanks are especially beautiful. The rivers increase their flow a little due to the first rains, the leaves always cover the trails, the color palette is spectacular. These routes can be done on foot or by mountain bike.

Route of the source of the Órbigo River: From our hotel, always on foot or by mountain bike, you can start a very nice route along the banks of the Órbigo River. Following the traditional Camino Real, you can reach the source of the Órbigo river, where the Omaña and Luna rivers meet. A very special place and even more beautiful in autumn. From the hotel we will show you the route and what you need to complete it without problems. It is partially signposted and very easy to do. Completely flat and on well marked trails.

You can watch the very interesting video where they explain the route:

If you wish to do more than one route along the banks of the rivers of León during the weekend, we offer you other alternatives. In our hotel we provide you with all the information.

Other activities in León:

Autumn activities in León do not end here. You can find dozens of activities in the leisure programs:

Diario de León until November 11.

Cultural León in autumn.

The Super Agenda in November.

Autumn with the rural Garden House Hotel can be an unforgettable experience. Our hotel is in the center of the province, a place where you can reach the whole province without any problem. Where better to stay to enjoy more of one of the activities offered in León. Call us if you have any questions.


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